Electronics modules: from idea to product

Your idea became a working product. And of course you want to keep it that way.

You want good service. Not just now, but also in the future

Your idea became a product that works well. And you want to keep things that way.

We thoroughly check each PCBA before it is supplied to you. And on request we also check PCBAs in accordance with set specifications. However, it is also important to you that you are able to rely on good service once your electronics module has been delivered. And that repairs can be made in case that is required. Such service is an integral part of what Actemium offers. We have many years of experience with all kinds of maintenance and repair work on a wide range of PCBAs.

However, our specialists in the servicing and repairs department go one step further. They make suggestions for any improvements to the product and modify existing products. Not only do they have the technical knowledge and equipment this requires at their disposal, they also ensure that procedures are as smooth as possible.

Thorough testing is essential for quality assurance

When we develop products for you, we work with you to produce a test document. In this document, we thoroughly analyse all of the product’s specifications and functionalities. In addition to testing the products Actemium has developed, we are also able to test existing products for you.

Thorough PCBA testing is a precondition for the assurance of good product quality. Actemium can provide the following tests:

  • durability test
  • operational test
  • X-ray scan
  • climate test
  • safety test/high voltage test
  • optical inspection

Service also means after-sales care and support

Customers expect good after-sales care and support, not only in the period immediately following delivery but for many years after that, if it is required. We are happy to support our customers in this way. We also offer periodic maintenance for your product, either on site or at the point of application.

Old or obsolete components are a common problem in the electronics industry. Where can such obsolete components be obtained? Actemium works with suppliers from all over the world. This means that we are able to supply components that are generally difficult to get hold of, or that are no longer available, relatively quickly.

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