Electronics modules: from idea to product

Electronics engineering

Electronics engineering: more than just a good design

Looking for creative electronics solutions, black-box design or a redesign of your existing design? In the field of electronics engineering Actemium optimally combines quality, standardisation, effectiveness and cost control.

Whether your project involves a completely new design or just PCB layout work, the time available for development and also product lifespans are becoming shorter all the time, while complexity and functionality are increasing. Our experts in electronics engineering are fully aware that quality, planning and cost control as part of the design process are of great importance to you. That is why they translate your specific requirements and wishes into a product design and product optimization as quickly and as pragmatically as possible.

One single partner for every aspect of electronics engineering

  • Prototyping
  • Embedded software
  • PCB design

In addition to design and layout work, we can also take care of the application of embedded software on our hardware. Through a combination of a good design for both the hardware and software and microcontrollers, the applications for our PCBAs are practically limitless. The areas of application are very wide-ranging and include products from test systems for the semiconductor industry to security systems.

We use the most suitable layout software for each type of design. Software we use includes Altium, Mentor Graphics, Allegro or Eagle.

Five steps towards electronics solutions that really work

How do we make the transition from your idea to innovative electronics solutions that will remain practicable for you in the long term?

  1. Naturally, it all starts with listening. What are your wishes and which practical application are you aiming for?
  2. Once all starting points have been established, we start on the design work.
  3. Does our design meet your exceptations? If so, we start work on translating it into a PCB layout. Using a 3D drawing, we check to see whether the PCB design complies with all of your requirements, including dimensional requirements. Then we start building a prototype.
  4. We order the bare PCB and populate it. We can also house the PCBA in a unit or enclosure if required, and can provide the design for this too. Following completion of the microcontroller programming, the PCBA is fully tested. This means we can then supply you with a working product as a prototype.

We can take up any spin-off product based on the design as a batch product. You will not need to go looking for a company to help you with this at a later stage.
All of this means that you have just one point of contact, for everything from idea through to design and from prototype to batch product. It couldn’t be simpler!

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