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PCBA manufacture

PCBA manufacture: an essential link in electronics

PCBA manufacture is an essential link in electronics, because circuit boards form the basis of practically every electronic system. Designing and building circuit boards requires knowledge, expertise and experience.

Look no further than Actemium for the automated mounting of SMD components, as well as for the manual mounting of conventional components. Actemium has a department for PCBA manufacture that employs specialist staff and houses high-grade equipment, making it possible to assemble any printed circuit board.

PCBA manufacture starts with choosing the right components

On the basis of a new design we draw up a Bill of Materials, which then serves as the basis for the order. You would rather supply us with a new set of drawings? Then that is what we will work with. Our in-house purchasing department procures the required components from suppliers around the world on your behalf. In doing so, it takes the best price/lead time ratio into account and orders on a component-by-component basis.

Actemium is able to choose from a wide range of selected suppliers. This makes it possible for us to inform you in good time if any specific components are no longer available. In such cases, we are also able to suggest alternatives. We also let you know if any components are a ‘last-time buy’. This means you always know exactly what the situation is.

Manual or automatic mounting of SMD components

Once we have ordered and received the components for a project, we start production. Depending on the project type, this may involve manual production, although the automatic mounting of SMD components is also an option. In the case of automatic mounting, we first apply the solder paste to the PCB (the screening process). We then position the PCB in our pick-and-place machine. This machine automatically mounts the SMD components

Customized soldering

As soon as the PCB has been fully populated, it is then soldered by our vapour phasing machine, or with our reflow oven. In accordance with RoHS guidelines, our manufacturing processes are lead-free as standard. However, processes involving lead are possible in accordance with MIL specifications. Our specialists also have extensive experience with wave soldering for through-hole components.

On completion of the manufacturing process, we subject the PCBA to a thorough visual check and operational testing and add any embedded software.

Unique combination of electronics and panel building

As Actemium combines electronics and panel building under one roof, we can also enclose PCBAs in enclosures or units for you, either with or without cable sets. This not only saves you time, but also reduces handling costs.

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