MES/MOMS provides integration between ERP and production control
Sales Manager

The Sales Manager has questions about:

  • What is the status of my order
  • How can I inform the customer about any possible delays?
  • Is the data reliable?
  • What alternatives are on offer?

MES/MOMS reports:

  • On the actual progress of each order
  • On the updated production planning in real time
  • And enables everyone to share the same data in order to have efficient talks with business management

To know:

  • The real time value of stock: quantity, location (update of the ERP).
  • The movement of materials between the shops and the workshops.
  • The level of quality at all stages of production.
  • The possibility of just-in-time ordering.
  • The level of outstanding stock (optimisation) and prevention of breakdowns.

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Answers to improve productivity

  • To reduce manufacturing costs
  • To shorten turnaround times
  • Increase quality
Important functions of a MES / MOMS solution and the associated business benefits include:
Stephan Verhofstadt
Lead Consultant - Veghel
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Arjan Haagmans
Business Unit Manager - Zwijndrecht
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Theo Bakker
Business Unit Manager - Veghel
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