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Imagine …

your tank beer supply overview in an App

In an App you are able to see your beer quantity, temperature, pressure and other details without having to check your tank beer installation physically.


your tank beer order data in an optimal delivery schedule

As Brewery tank beer manager you receive accurate order data telling you the best delivering window for each client. With this you can generate the best delivery schedule without having planning headache.


your tank beer delivery most efficient

All deliveries are according plan and with zero returns. Your planning is based on real data from multiple tank beer users, so route and delivering quantities are optimal.


your tank beer quality always excellent

Monitoring the tank beer conditions will tell and help you maintaining the optimal storage conditions. You will be able to detect irregularities before your beer quality is in danger.


your tank beer available for maximum operation

In case a temperature or pressure goes out of control alarms trigger you or your tank beer service partner.


TellingTank turns the dream into reality

The TellingTank solution has all these functionalities. Whether ten or a thousand tank beer users, TellingTank will help you keeping tank beer under control!


More information?

Would you like more information about TellingTank? Read the interview with business developer Michiel van Vlijmen: ”TellingTank: what is it and for whom is it interesting to implement?” or learn more about TellingTank from the technical point of view.

You can contact us via the details or form below.

Michiel van Vlijmen
Global business developer beer and beverage
Actemium Netherlands

+31 (0)6 21 20 66 83


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Our solutions for Beer & Beverages

With a profound expertise and many years of experience, we are able to offer a wide range of advanced process- and automation solutions. Specifically addressed to the industry of Beer & Beverage; beer, soft drinks, mineral water, wine and spirits.

Our expertises

You can contact us for process optimisation, sustainable production and efficient use of energy. The starting point is the strict legislation and regulations for food safety and hygiene.
We are specialised in system integration and plant design. We do this in various industries. Our professionals know the market of malt houses, breweries and bottling plants. Whether it concerns the design and realisation of production lines, the maintenance and management of implemented systems or tracking & tracing of all parts of your product.

Optimisation of your order and production process

We help identify bottlenecks in your production process. We ensure you can follow the input from raw materials to the end product, where you have access to all the necessary information. We can optimise your order and production process. Our competences cover the entire process, from raw material handling, yeast handling, dearation and dosing up, to filling, packaging, quality control and CIP.

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