TellingTank: what is it and for whom is it interesting to implement?

Want to know everything about our latest brewery innovation: TellingTank? In the interview below, Actemium business developer Michiel van Vlijmen, tells you all about it!

  1. What is your name and profession?
    I am Michiel van Vlijmen and I am a business developer in the beer and beverage segment. I try to bring trends and innovations to the attention of beer and beverage customers in the industry, so they can use this to optimise their production facilities. At the moment I am working at a state of the art IoT-solution, called TellingTank.
  2. How do you describe TellingTank best?
    TellingTank is a solution that will give brewers total control over tank beer. From production and delivery, to quality control in the catering facility. An IoT-sensor is placed in the air line of each tank and captures data such as quantity, pressure, temperature etc. TellingTank will aggregate the data. Via a gateway the data is send to apps and to planning software or ERP-programs.
  3. TellingTank; why has this name been chosen? 
    In the name you find the word Telling. This is exactly what the innovation does: data is captured from tank beer installations. It tells everything you want to know about your tank beer installation, but also about the logistics of tank beer.
  4. How did you come to this innovation?
    We work already more than ten years in the beer delivery world. We see that the level of automation of tank beer is not as high as in breweries. Also the logistics of tank beer is far from efficient. This inspired us to look into this matter and that is how the innovation came about.
  5. What is most characteristic for TellingTank?
    Tank beer users, such as bar owners and facilities where events are held, now guess what the status of tank beer is: ‘Is my tank almost empty? Do I have enough for the rest of the evening?’ TellingTank provides this information ánd accurate. This gives the brewer the opportunity to anticipate and plan his logistic operations of his tank beer much better. That is one of the biggest advantages of TellingTank. Another great advantage is the possibility to integrate TellingTank with planning software or ERP-programs. All the data is visible in apps.
  6. For whom is TellingTank interesting to implement?
    Brewers with three or more tank beer delivery trucks, face a daily hazard planning their operations. TellingTank is focused on these brewers. They have the need to optimise their operations; logistics, quality and technical status of the installation. That is very important for breweries with tank beer users.

    However indirect the tank beer users benefit from the optimisations of the breweries. Important for tank beer users is that they do not come for surprises with the quality of the tank beer installation. For example temperature or pressure alarms can be notified in an early stage. These alarms can go to the tank beer user (e.g. bar owners and at events), the brewery or to a service partner. For this purpose we have a special TellingTank service app.

  7. What is the ultimate dream when using TellingTank?
    The dream is an optimised supply chain of tank beer. In control from the brewery to the glass.
  8. Is there a demand for an innovation such as TellingTank?
    Occurring to our resent talk with brewers, the demand is very high. We focus on time-to-market to roll-out the innovation mid-2019.
  9. What distinguishes TellingTank? 
    At this moment there are several other solutions in the market that provide information with use of flow meters. They provide accurate consumption data, but not accurate tank beer data.
  10. How would you like customers to describe TellingTank?
    TellingTank is our aid in our daily operation to satisfy our tank beer customers. It brings down our tank beer operation costs per liter of beer supplied.
  11. What kind of projects do you hope to have within 5 years?
    We hope to help all brewers with tank beer, not limited to the Netherlands or Europe.
  12. I am only satisfied when…?
    brewers acknowledge and share my optimism of TellingTank. And off course use TellingTank in their operations, so that they are in control of their tank beer. I’m only satisfied when they are satisfied.
  13. Is there anything you would like to mention that we have not already discussed?
    TellingTank is a state of the art IoT-solution, using the latest technologies. In the next article we emphasize the technical aspects of TellingTank.

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And/or read the article about the benefits of TellingTank, or learn more about the technical aspects of TellingTank in the interview: ”TellingTank from the technical point of view”.

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