Month of the Digitalisation of the Beer & Beverage

For Parsec and Actemium, March is all about Digitalisation of the Beer & Beverage industry. In this month we share information about digitization aimed at the Beer & Beverage industry in various ways. This includes on demand sessions, videos, whitepapers and a live session. Keep an eye on our social media channels.


Click in the overview below on the drop-down window of the information for a short description of the subject. Specific information is posted here on each date. This can be an on demand session, a video or a link to a whitepaper. We also post the content on our social media channels.

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The Month of the Digitalisation of the Beer & Beverage is a collaboration between Parsec and Actemium.

Utilizing their 30 years of experience in manufacturing, Parsec created TrakSYS™: a best-in-class operations management software application and solution platform designed to significantly improve manufacturing operations. TrakSYS aggregates data from multiple sources to deliver real-time, actionable intelligence that helps manufacturers to reduce production costs, decrease lead time, and improve profitability. TrakSYS is deployed at thousands of factories, in over 100 different countries.